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Genotype vs. Phenotype

Last updated Jun 23, 2022

Genotype and Phenotype are two different concepts but are closely related to each other. Phenotype refers to the physical traits that are observed in an organism which are the outcome of the expression of the genes of an individual. The genotype determines the phenotype of an individual. 1

# Genotype vs phenotype chart 2

|| Genotype| Phenotype| |–|———————————|———————————–| |Definition|The set of genes in our DNA which are responsible for a particular trait|An organism’s observable characteristics and traits| |Characterized by|Genotyping techniques such as WGS|Observing an organism’s outward characteristics| |Depends on|The gene sequences an organism possesses|Genotype, PLUS Epigenetics and environmental factors| |Inherited?|Yes|No| |Example|Genes encoding eye color|An individual with brown eyes|