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Last updated Feb 11, 2023


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About this Course

# Notes

It has different skill pathways, where only first 3 pathways are offered in the free plan. The rest are/will be offered as a Pro Subscription plan.
Because of this, I’ll only be able to complete the first 3 pathways.

# Skill Pathways

# Superposition Pathway

It consists of 5 Topics:

# 1. Superposition in waves

Aim is to develop an intuitive understanding of superposition as interference of waves.

# 2. Superposition in a jump rope

Move toward a more abstract representation of superposition in the polarization degree of freedom possessed by waves.

# 3. Superposition in the quantum world

Superposition in example quantum systems relevant to quantum computing: ions, atoms, superconducting circuits, photons, and more!

# 4. Superposition in the abstract

Superposition of abstract objects representing quantum systems.

# 5. Superposition in quantum computing

Superposition in a quantum computation and quantum parallelism.

# Qubit Pathway

Start with some fundamentals in how we represent information and by the end of this skill you’ll understand how we can encode and process information using quantum physics!

It also consists of 5 topics:

# 1. It from bit

This topic introduces you to the concept of information. You will learn how information is defined and represented, as well as how it is measured and used.

# 2. Qubit from bit

This topic introduces quantum information. You will learn how quantum information is written and read and how it is different from digital information.

# 3. The Bloch circle

You may have heard of the Bloch sphere, and we’ll get there soon. Here you will find a first step towards a visualization of qubits: a circle. You will learn how a qubit is written, read, and processed in a geometric picture.

# 4. Do you $\ket{ket}$ it?

Kets, like |this⟩, are the abstract representation of qubits. In this brief topic, you will learn what these objects mean and how to use them.

# 5. The Bloch sphere

Putting everything together, you are now ready for the Bloch sphere, which represents the full set of qubit states. You will learn how the Bloch sphere works through direct interaction. Strap in!

# Measurement Pathway

Measurement the destructor. What does it mean to measure something in general? What does it mean to measure something in quantum physics? Discover the dirty secrets about measurement in quantum computing.

It consists of 4 Topics:

# 1. Bloch party

The concept of quantum measurement using the Bloch sphere - a visual representation of a qubit of information - is introduced. Explore measurement through interacting with a qubit.

# 2. Randomness rules

Why are quantum measurements random and what rules govern them? Here you will understand how the symbolic notation of kets translate into real measurement outcomes and discover the Born rule.

# 3. Get real

Measurement in real quantum systems relevant to quantum computing: trapped ions, atoms, superconducting circuits, and more.

# 4. What’s the problem?

What is the measurement problem and is it really a problem? A brief detour in metaphysics at one end of the spectrum and cold hard calculation at the other.