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Application Folder Structure

Last updated Aug 14, 2022

Source:: The Software Architecture Handbook (freecodecamp.org)

This refers to how you organize your code, i.e. your folder structure and modularity.

# All in One Place

All of your files are placed in a single folder.

Application Folder Structure 2022-08-14 17.30.47.excalidraw.svg

For small applications, it is fine. But when our codebase starts getting bigger, it adds unnecessary complexity as it is confusing and harder to follow.

# Layers Folder Structure

Layers architecture is about dividing concerns and responsibilities into different folders and files, and allowing direct communication only between certain folders and files.

# MVC Folder Structure

MVC is an architecture pattern that stands for Model View Controller. We could say the MVC architecture is like a simplification of the layers architecture, incorporating the front-end side (UI) of the application as well.

Under this architecture, we’ll have only three main layers: