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Note Lifecycle Tag SOP

Last updated Jun 24, 2022

This is my documentation on the lifecycle of a note, inspired by Deezy and ladle.

Deezy’s version

ladle’s version

# Type

#Type/AtomPage that contains a single idea; often links to related things; ex. td>Qubit
#Type/OverviewPage that overviews a topic, bringing Atoms together for better reference; ex. td>Quantum Computing MOC
#Type/ArticlePage that covers a specific topic, brining Atoms together to explain something specific; ex. td>GA-MSA
#Type/ListPage that lists out something td>Note Lifecycle Tag SOP
#Type/NotePage that contains notes on a subject. Generally has a source. eg. td>5G for Everyone
#Type/DiagramText annotation of an image or Excalidraw file
#Type/SubjectA page that encompasses an entire subject, with other pages linking to it. td>Quantum Computing
#Type/MetaTemplates, TODOs, td>File Hierarchy SOP
#Type/OtherPage that cannot be categorized by the other types.

# Status

Status/NewPage that is new and doesn’t have much connections
#Status/NeedsRevisionPage that is in need of a revision.
#Status/UnfinishedPage that has unfinished portions. Could be unfinished from initial creation or from revision.
#Status/GoodPage that is of passable quality.
#Status/DeprecatedPage that is no longer in use; should link to the new version
#Status/FluidPage that doesn’t have a “finished” version like a factual or informational page