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Last updated Jun 29, 2022


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Jordan Terry is a PhD candidate at University of Maryland, the maintainer of Gym, the maintainer and creator of PettingZoo and the founder of Swarm Labs.

Featured References

PettingZoo: Gym for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
J. K. Terry, Benjamin Black, Nathaniel Grammel, Mario Jayakumar, Ananth Hari, Ryan Sullivan, Luis Santos, Rodrigo Perez, Caroline Horsch, Clemens Dieffendahl, Niall L. Williams, Yashas Lokesh, Praveen Ravi
PettingZoo on Github
gym on Github

Additional References

  • Time Limits in Reinforcement Learning, Pardo et al 2017
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning at the Edge of the Statistical Precipice, Agarwal et al 2021

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