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Quantum Computing Specialization

Last updated Aug 10, 2022


# Courses

  1. Quantum Computing. Less Formulas - More Understanding
  2. Physical Basics of Quantum Computing
  3. The Introduction to Quantum Computing
  4. One-way Quantum Computation

# Instructors

Sergey Sysoev
Kirill S. Tikhonov
Tatiana Yu. Golubeva
Evgenii Vashukevich
Ivan Vybornyi
Sergei Korolev

# About this Specialization

This specialization will open the door to the world of quantum technology. You will learn about the principles of quantum computing and how to bring these principles to life. The specialization is created by two scientific groups - physicists and mathematicians, so you can look at quantum computing from different angles. Despite the fact that in different courses the same issues are discussed, they are considered from different positions and with varying degrees of depth in the details. We hope that as you follow this path of progressive immersion, you will feel like a real expert in the subject of quantum computing.

Acquired skills:

  1. Comparing classical and quantum computations
  2. Understanding of quantum parallelism
  3. Construction of quantum logic algorithms
  4. Designing of quantum computational models
  5. Computation with qubits
  6. Computation with continuous variables
  7. Quantum error correction

# Applied Learning Project

Each of the four courses will deepen your understanding more and more. The first course acquaints you at a basic level with idea of computation, with the mathematical and physical principles that should be laid down in the construction of any model of quantum computing. The second course will introduce you to the physical principles of quantum computing. Much attention is paid to such phenomena as quantum entanglement, quantum parallelism, and quantum interference. Thus, we will look at the same phenomena, but from a different angle. The third course is devoted to a deeper study of the problem. It is a mathematical look at quantum computing models and the problems of quantum algorithms. Deutsch’s Problem is discussed in detail here, as well as Shor’s and Grover’s Algorithms. Finally, the last, fourth course of the specialization introduces you to an alternative model of quantum computing – one-way (measurement-based) quantum computation.