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2018 Proof of networking - Can blockchains boost the next generation of distributed networks

Last updated Dec 11, 2022

# Proof of networking: Can blockchains boost the next generation of distributed networks?


  • CiteKey:: ghiroProofNetworkingCan2018
  • Type:: conferencePaper
  • Author:: Lorenzo Ghiro Leonardo Maccari Renato Lo Cigno
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  • Journal:: 2018 14th Annual Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS)
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  • Year:: 2018
  • DOI:: 10.23919/WONS.2018.8311658
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The recent explosion of interest in blockchains led to a plethora of proposals for their application, including attempts to decentralize some centralized network functions. At the same time, real “distributed wireless networks” are emerging. Community networks, for instance, are large mesh networks made of hundreds of nodes built by communities primarily to solve digital divide, and they are thriving. The challenges these networks face are not only technological: they deal with creating incentives to participate, with the business model they may adopt, and with their internal governance. Very few models have been proposed to apply blockchains to bottom-up distributed networks: we instead expose how they can solve many problems which so far hindered the diffusion of such networks. Maybe we can push this further: a network is, in essence, a system in which all nodes find a rough consensus on the best paths to connect a node with another. Can we use this consensus method to run a distributed ledger and a cryptocurrency within the network itself, rather than simply applying to networks the effects of a blockchain defined in a separate system? This paper introduces this concept, named “Proof of Networking”, and discusses its potential avails.

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  • Keywords:: Internet, Mesh networks, Peer-to-peer computing, Blockchain, Distributed Networks
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