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Proof of Networking

Last updated Dec 11, 2022

Proof of networking was introduced in ghiroProofNetworkingCan2018. It poses the question that can we use blockchain consensus methods within a network, rather than having two separate networks, one blockchain and the other physical.


Proof of networking is a way of achieving consensus within a distributed network system that is similar to the way that IP networks handle routing. It proposes using the provided network services as the basis for creating blockchain consensus and generating new cryptocurrency.

The goal is to integrate the blockchain and the digital currency into the network itself. Nodes are rewarded for their contributions to the network based on certain metrics like packet delivery or graph topology.

Benefits *

  • Network Growth
    • The growth of the network can affect the amount of generated currency, with a larger and more active network resulting in greater currency.
  • Proportional Rewards
    • Nodes with high centrality and traffic will receive proportionally higher rewards compared to leaf nodes, which are often considered free riders.

Challenges *

  • Specification
    • The original paper on the concept of proof of networking (PoN) provided only a basic outline of the idea. A more detailed specification is needed to move forward with implementing PoN.
    • In particular, the concept of “approximate consensus” should be further explored.
  • Size
    • The effect of the size of the blockchain on the network also needs to be tested and methods to reduce its impact should be considered.
  • Integration
    • Additionally, further research is needed on integrating PoN with routing and ensuring stable, loop-free routing when the routing metric includes link quality and transit prices.
    • The issue of enforcing service-level agreements between node peers must also be addressed.