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Getting Started with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Last updated Feb 10, 2023


About this Course

The new wave of digitization has put digital identity, what used to be mostly behind-the-scenes work, and the flaws of current identity systems, under the spotlight. Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) has emerged as a concept and guiding principles of how we should build the next generation of the Internet by putting users at the center of their identities and data. It is also a movement led by technologists to build open Internet protocols and compliant technology aligned with SSI principles. On its way to becoming a key piece of the Internet infrastructure, SSI will soon reach most people’s lives and businesses, making it important for everyone to learn what it is and how it is going to influence us. This course will provide the knowledge and understanding you need to figure out what you want to do with self-sovereign identity next.

This course is designed for business and government decision makers looking to understand SSI and make decisions about it; technologists seeking to get a high level overview of SSI, and professionals wanting to understand how digital identity systems work and how SSI is making a difference. Computer literacy on an everyday level is required for a better understanding of the concepts presented in this course.

This course will prepare you to have informed business discussions around digital identity, and particularly self-sovereign identity, with a good understanding about how identity systems work and influence our lives. It will also enable you to identify innovative ideas and solutions for leveraging SSI, and better position you for further technical learning around digital identity.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Get a sense of the complexity of identity systems and how they work in simply-explained terms.
  • Learn how digital identity systems have evolved in the era of SSI.
  • Explain the concept of SSI and how it works on a high level.
  • Think strategically about and discuss how SSI could help solve real-world/business problems.
  • Understand the initial investments/efforts to get started with SSI in your organization.
  • Conduct further research on SSI initiatives autonomously.
  • Avoid common misconceptions about SSI.
  • Find the right places to pursue further technical knowledge if you are interested to learn more!

# Notes

# The Basics of Identity and Digital Identity

# What is Identity?

Cambridge Online Dictionary defines identity as:

  • A person’s name and other facts about who they are
  • The fact of being, or feeling that you are, a particular type of person, organization, etc.; the qualities that make a person, organization, etc. different from others

the  National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Glossary defines identity as:

  • A set of attributes that uniquely describe a person within a given context.
  • The set of physical and behavioral characteristics by which an individual is uniquely recognizable. Note: This also encompasses non-person entities (NPEs).
  • The distinguishing character or personality of an entity.

Joe Andrieu

Functional Identity - identity is how we recognize, remember, and ultimately respond to specific people and things